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New Question
An engineer must install ESXi on a Cisco UCS B-Series Server that needs access to three existing distributed virtual switches. The ESXi host must use HA redundant links to connect to all three switches. How many vNICs are required in the service profile template for this server?

A. 3
B. 4
C. 2
D. 6
E. 5

Answer: D

New Question
An engineer needs to PXE boot a Cisco UCS server. To do this, which configuration is required in the service profile?

A. LAN boot
B. NIC boot
C. PXE boot
D. Remote boot

Answer: A
https://www.cisco.com/en/US/docs/unified_computing/ucs/sw/gui/config/guide/141/UCSM_GUI_C onfiguration_Guide_141_chapter28.html#task_75111BA2FE684720BC20C2E63DB9B374

New Question
An engineer finds that the Cisco UCS Director master inventory database has failed. In a multi-node setup, which action must be taken?

A. Configure WinRM on the VMs.
B. Update the host name.
C. Enable ICMP.
D. Modify the SSL cipher suite group policy settings.
E. Stop and restart the infrastructure services on the primary node and service node.

Answer: E
https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/unified_computing/ucs/ucs-director/multinode-install-guide/6-0/b_UCS_Director_Multi-Node_Install_Config_Guide_60/b_UCS_Director_Multi-Node_Install_Config_Guide_60_chapter_011.pdf (p.2)

New Question
A Cisco UCS blade has just failed. To ensure that the replacement blade can reach Fibre Channel storage, which action must the server administrator take?

A. Zone the SAN fabric for the new WWPNs.
B. Reconfigure LUN masking on the storage array.
C. Insert the blade into the same chassis and slot.
D. Create a new zoning policy within Cisco UCS Manager.
E. Move the old service profile onto the new hardware.

Answer: C

New Question
Refer to the exhibit. A cloud engineer is replicating a FlexPod design. The current design has a Cisco UCS B-Series Chassis with six Cisco B200 M2 blades that connect to a NetApp FAS800 storage array. VSAN 10 is configured on the Cisco Nexus 5000 Series Switch to handle all storage traffic. VMs on the Cisco B200 M2 blades can read and write to NAS on the NetApp FAS8000. The engineer wants to connect a second Cisco UCS B-Series Chassis with four Cisco B200 M4 blades to the NetApp array. The engineer has configured four Fibre Channel uplink ports from the Cisco UCS 6248 UP Fabric Interconnect to the Cisco Nexus Fibre Channel ports fc1/23 and fc 1/24. However, the Fibre Channel ports on the Cisco UCS 6248 fail to initialize after the engineer enables the port.
Which reason for the problem is most likely true?

A. The SFP type is 10 Gigabit Ethernet instead of 4 Gigabit Ethernet.
B. The port negotiation speed is set to 8 Gbps.
C. The switch port mode on the Cisco Fabric Extender Fibre Channel port is set to NP.
D. The Fibre channel port is set to uplink instead of Fibre Channel storage port.
E. The VSAN under port properties is incorrect.

Answer: C

New Question
An engineer needs to make changes to a service profile that is bound to a service profile template. The service profile is associated to a production server that is online. Which statement describes what occurs when the engineer clicks the “unbind” option?

A. The service profile unbinds from the template, and the server shuts down automatically.
B. Cisco UCS Manager requests the server to shut down so that the service profile can unbind.
C. Cisco UCS Manager requests the service profile to be disassociated from the server so that the service profile can unbind.
D. The service profile unbinds from the template, and the server remains online.

Answer: D

New Question
A cloud engineer is deploying a new LUN to a customer virtual infrastructure. What is an advantage of thinprovisioning this storage?

A. The datastore is available immediately.
B. Less space is consumed on the array.
C. The performance (IOPS) is higher.
D. The risk of disk errors is lower.

Answer: B

New Question
An engineer is deploying a new SQL cluster and is configuring the storage for peak performance (IOPS). Which RAID type supports this configuration?

C. RAID 10

Answer: B

New Question
Which two statements about the Cisco UCS Virtual Media Boot Policy are true? (Choose two.)

A. UEFI Boot Mode specifies primary-level boot devices and enables secure boot option.
B. A virtual media device mimics the insertion of a physical CD/DVD disk (read-only) or floppy disk (read-write) into a server.
C. Secure boot option is enabled by default when creating a boot policy.
D. Boot policies can be created under Physical > Storage in Cisco UCS Director.
E. A boot policy can be configured to boot one or more servers from a virtual media device.

Answer: BE

New Question
After implementing VXLAN VTEPs in a VMware NSX deployment, an engineer discovers that the VXLAN tunnel does not appear to function across the physical network. A pair of Cisco Nexus 5596UP Switches onnet the virtual network to the physical network. To permit the VXLAN tunnel to operate correctly, which action must the engineer take?

A. Upgrade Cisco Nexus to version 7.0 code.
B. Establish a dynamic routing protocol between the vSphere virtual router and the Cisco Nexus switches.
C. Remove storm control mechanisms that are blocking the establishment of the VXLAN tunnel.
D. Configure jumbo frame support on the Cisco Nexus switches.
E. Build a GRE tunnel to correctly encapsulate VXLAN between the networks.

Answer: B

New Question
A private cloud engineer is adding a production FlexPod into a new Cisco UCS Director deployment. Which two operational domains contain Cisco components within this data center pod? (Choose two.)

A. storage
B. compute
C. virtual
D. network
E. service delivery

Answer: BD


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