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Which Statement about personal firewalls is true?

A. They are resilient against kernal attacks
B. They can protect email messages and private documents in a similar way to a VPN
C. They can protect the network against attacks
D. They can protect a system by denying probing requests

Answer: D

Which three statements about host-based IPS are true? (Choose three)

A. It can view encrypted files
B. It can be deployed at the perimeter
C. It uses signature-based policies
D. It can have more restrictive policies than network-based IPS
E. It works with deployed firewalls
F. It can generate alerts based on behavior at the desktop level.

Answer: ADF

An attacker installs a rogue switch that sends superior BPDUs on your network.
What is a possible result of this activity?

A. The switch could offer fake DHCP addresses.
B. The switch could become the root bridge.
C. The switch could be allowed to join the VTP domain
D. The switch could become a transparent bridge.

Answer: B

The FMC can share HTML, Pdf and csv data type that relate to a specific event type which event type:

A. connection
B. Host
C. Netflow
D. Intrusion

Answer: D

For which purpose can Windows management instrumentation be used?

A. Remote viewing of a computer
B. Remote blocking of malware on a computer
C. Remote reboot of a computer
D. Remote start of a computer

Answer: A

Which international standard is for general risk management, including the principles and guideline for managing risk?

A. ISO 31000
B. ISO 27001
C. ISO 27005
D. ISO 27002

Answer: A

Which statement about the difference between a denial-of-service attack and a distributed denial of service attack is true?

A. Dos attack are launched from one host, and DDoS attack are launched from multiple host.
B. DoS attack and DDOS attack have no differences
C. DDoS attacks are launched from one host, and DoS attacks are launched from multiple host.
D. Dos attack only use flooding to compromise a network, and DDoS attacks only use other methods

Answer: A

You discover that a foreign government hacked one of the defense contractors in your country and stole intellectual property. In this situation, which option is considered the threat agent?

A. method in which the hack occurred.
B. defense contractor that stored the intellectual property.
C. intellectual property that was stolen.
D. foreign government that conducted the attack.

Answer: A

After a large influx of network traffic to externally facing devices, you begin investigating what appear to be a denial of service attack. When you review packets capture data, you notice that the traffic is a single SYN packet to each port. Which kind of attack is this?

A. SYN flood.
B. Host profiling.
C. traffic fragmentation.
D. port scanning.

Answer: D

Which definition of common event format is terms of a security information and event management solution is true?

A. a type of event log used to identify a successful user login.
B. a TCP network media protocol.
C. Event log analysis certificate that stands for certified event forensics.
D. a standard log event format that is used for log collection.

Answer: D

Which definition of a Linux daemon is true?

A. Process that is causing harm to the system by either using up system resources or causing a critical crash.
B. Long – running process that is the child at the init process
C. process that has no parent process
D. process that is starved at the CPU.

Answer: B


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