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A Citrix Engineer downloaded the incorrect version of Worx Home on an Android device and is attempting to uninstall Worx Home, but attempts to uninstall have NOT been successful.
What should the engineer do to successfully uninstall Worx Home?

A. Restart the device.
B. Deactivate Worx Home as an administrator on the device.
C. Unenroll the device.
D. Remove all MDX applications from the device.

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer could configure User Provisioning to ShareFile for use with XenMobile by configuring the __________ or the __________. (Choose the two correct options to complete the sentence.)

A. SSO section in the ShareFile website
B. ShareFile section in the XenMobile Console
C. ShareFile User Management Tool
D. location of the ShareFile public app store link

Answer: BC

A Citrix Engineer recently enabled Worx PIN authentication on a XenMobile Server.
What should the engineer instruct users to do in order to enable Worx PIN on their devices?

A. Log off from Worx Home and log on again.
B. Update to the latest version of Worx Home.
C. Refresh the policy in Worx Home.
D. Launch a Worx Home resource.

Answer: A

A Citrix Engineer is configuring access to an existing XenDesktop environment.
Which three settings should the engineer configure in the XenApp/XenDesktop section of the XenMobile Server? (Choose three.)

A. The legacy PNAgent site path
B. The IP address of the XenDesktop Delivery Controller
C. The XenDesktop site name
D. The path to Receiver for Web site
E. The FQDN of the StoreFront Server
F. The port used to connect to StoreFront

Answer: AEF

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer created an automated action to notify users when the Pandora application is installed on their mobile devices. For testing purposes, the engineer installed the application on a mobile device but noticed that a notification was NOT received.
Which two XenMobile Server settings should the engineer check to resolve this issue? (Choose two.)


Answer: BD

A Citrix Engineer needs to allow any iOS device to run a published MDX application.
Which type of provisioning file should the engineer use to wrap the application?

A. App Store (Developer Account)
B. Ad-Hoc (Developer Account)
C. iOS App Development
D. In-House Profile (Enterprise Account)

Answer: D

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to create a proof of concept for a XenMobile project and needs to ensure that the following requirements are met:
– Users must be able to access corporate web and SaaS applications from their personal mobile devices.
– Access to Citrix hosted applications and desktops on XenApp and XenDesktop is NOT required at this time.
– Users’ devices should NOT be managed.
– Users will require access to WorxWeb and WorxMail.
Which three components will meet the requirements of the scenario? (Choose three.)

A. StoreFront
B. Worx Home
C. MDX Toolkit
D. Citrix Receiver
E. XenMobile App Controller
F. XenMobile Device Manager server

Answer: BCE

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer is experiencing issues with client certificate authentication to their Microsoft Exchange Server after configuring their Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) settings within the XenMobile Server. The Exchange configuration and certificate are being configured and delivered to the device within an Exchange policy. The engineer is able to see the certificate and Exchange policy being delivered within the XenMobile Console as well as the certificate on the iOS device.
Which two sets of logs could the engineer review to determine why authentication is failing? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Exchange IIS logs
B. Worx Home logs
C. XenMobile Server Debug log file
D. NetScaler aaad.debug logs

Answer: AB

Scenario: Microsoft CA certificate-based authentication is the sole authentication method being used for Mobile Application Management (MAM). A certificate administrator revokes a user’s client certificate. After doing so, the user can still access applications in the Worx Store.
What could a Citrix Engineer do to make sure that the user will no longer be able to access the Worx Store when their certificate is revoked?

A. Terminate the user’s active sessions on the NetScaler Gateway.
B. Configure the certificate revocation list on the NetScaler.
C. Set two-factor authentication on the XenMobile Server.
D. Configure the certificate revocation list on the XenMobile Server.

Answer: B

Which two steps must a Citrix Engineer take to configure client certificate authentication on a NetScaler Gateway virtual server? (Choose two.)

A. Enable session reuse.
B. Set client certificate authentication to mandatory.
C. Disable multiplexing.
D. Set the user name field inside the Authentication profile to SubjectAltName:PrincipalName

Answer: BD

A Citrix Engineer has configured WorxMail for iOS to use PUSH notifications but does NOT see mail refreshing at the proper interval.
Which two steps should the engineer take in order to ensure the desired PUSH experience? (Choose two.)

A. Allow outbound Apple Push Notification service (APNs) traffic from the XenMobile Server.
B. Create an Apple Push Notification service (APNs) provisioning profile with a wildcard (*) App ID.
C. Allow outbound SSL traffic (over port 443) from the firewall to the Citrix Listener services.
D. Define the unique Customer ID within the WorxMail MDX policy.

Answer: CD


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