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QUESTION 1 Node devices provide which three connectivity functions on QFabric systems? (Choose three.) A.    Connect to servers B.    Connect to Director groups C.    Connect to storage devices D.    Connect to external networks E.    Connect to redundant server Node groups…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which configuration keyword ensures that all in-progress sessions are re-evaluated upon committing a security policy change? A.    policy-rematch B.    policy-evaluate C.    rematch-policy D.    evaluate-policy Answer: A

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QUESTION 1 On a MAG Series device, where is the preauthentication sign-in message configured? A.    On the configuration page for the sign-in notification message B.    On the wireless user realm authentication policy C.    On the sign-in policy of the URL…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which two configurations are made using the QoS Setup Wizard? (Choose two.) A.    Assign applications to traffic classes. B.    Use ToS/DSCP values for traffic classes. C.    Exclude subnets from QoS management. D.    Select dedicated vs. over-subscribed circuits. Answer:…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which three statements are true about Host Checker? (Choose three.) A.    Host Checker can collect information for use with MAC authentication. B.    Host Checker can modify a role assignment immediately if a policy fails. C.    Host Checker can…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which type of cable is required to access the router’s console port from a PC? A.    modem B.    Ethernet C.    null modem D.    straight-through Answer: C

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QUESTION 1 What does Junos Pulse Collaboration provide? A.    group instant messaging services B.    Web-based meeting services C.    corporate file sharing services D.    conference call services Answer: C QUESTION 2 What does Secure Virtual Workspace (SVW) provide? A.    a virtual…Continue Reading →

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QUESTION 1 Which network mask is the equivalent of A.    /20 B.    /21 C.    /22 D.    /23 Answer: B QUESTION 2 Which login class permission will allow a user to use the telnet utility? A.    Network permission B.    Maintenance…Continue Reading →