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A user is giving a presentation for the third time in a single day to off-site customers. Each time the VGA output was used successfully. While preparing for another meeting, the laptop is connected to a projector and the laptop displays an incompatible VGA mode error. Which of the following could be the cause?

A. The laptop is forcing a resolution that is too high
B. The laptop is forcing a resolution that is too low
C. The projector does not support extended display mode
D. The graphic card in the laptop does not support VGA

Answer: A

A technician receives multiple calls from users stating that documents submitted to a shared printer are not printing. The technician can ping the device to confirm it is powered on and connected to the network. The technician successfully prints a test page from the device control panel. Which of the following should the technician perform NEXT?

A. Reinstall the print drivers
B. Restart the print spooler
C. Reconfigure TCP/IP settings
D. Remove and reinstall the printer

Answer: B

Which of the following encryption types is used with WPA2?


Answer: C

A user’s laptop will not power on because of a system board failure. The user has important documents stored on the laptop. Which of the following should the technician perform so the user can access the documents?

A. Boot from a USD drive and copy all the files.
B. Replace the desktop drive with the removed laptop drive.
C. Run file recovery on the laptop to restore the files.
D. Place the hard drive in an external enclosure.

Answer: B

During an inspection, it was found that data racks were not properly grounded. To pass the inspection and address a growing concern to project data cabling and equipment, a technician must make sure all racks are properly grounded. Which of the following tools should the technician use to verify this has been completed?

A. Multimeter
B. Cable tester
C. Tone generator
D. Voltmeter

Answer: A

An employee’s mobile device no longer charges, and the employee believes the battery is bad. A technician tests the mobile device and finds it will charge on a wireless charging pad but not when it is connected to a charging cable. Other devices charge without issue when the cable is used. Which of the following should the technician perform BEST to resolve this issue?

A. Clean out the charging port on the device
B. Replace the mobile device’s battery
C. Issue a new charging cable to the employee
D. Send the device for service and give the employee a loaner

Answer: A

An IT vendor gives a technician the following address on a support call: Which of the following BEST describes the address provided by the vendor?

A. IPv4 address in subnet mask format
B. IPv4 address in CIDR format
C. IPv6 address in CIDR format
D. IPv6 address in subnet mask format

Answer: B

A technician is installing a new wireless router in a customer’s home. Which of the following settings should the technician enable to BEST increase network security?

A. Encryption
B. IP Addressing
C. MAC filtering
D. Hidden SSID
E. Port forwarding

Answer: A

A custom-built gaming PC is dropping frames while playing a graphic-intensive video game, making it unplayable. Which of the following should be reviewed as potential bottlenecks? (Choose four.)

A. Amount of available RAM
B. Number of available IP addresses
C. Amount of free hard drive space
D. Number of hard drives
E. Video card
F. Monitor refresh rate
G. Number of connected peripherals
H. Central processing unit

Answer: AEFH

Replacement of which of the following components on a laptop will typically require reinstallation of the OS?

A. Optical drive
B. RAM modules
C. Hard disk
D. CMOS battery

Answer: C

A technician is servicing a laptop that cannot keep an IP address. When the laptop receives an IP address, it releases it and cycles through repeatedly. The technician has replaced the cable, plugged into a known good network jack, and successfully connected a different laptop. Which of the following tools should the technician use NEXT?

A. Tone generator
B. Multimeter
C. Cable tester
D. Loopback plug

Answer: D

A user calls the help desk regarding a problem connecting a laptop to the Internet.
When the laptop was plugged into the docking station, there was no connection.
The technician determines the external mouse is not working.
Which of the following should the technician perform FIRST to troubleshoot the issue?

A. Ensure power connections are properly seated.
B. Ask the user to run virus and malware scans.
C. Reseat the network connections and retry.
D. Advice the user to purchase a new docking station.

Answer: A

A user is experiencing email problems and explains to a technician that all emails with graphics or images do not display the graphics. Which of the following configurations would correct this behavior?

A. Change the email settings in antivirus.
B. Change the security settings of the email client.
C. Change the firewall security settings.
D. Change the email proxy settings.
E. Change the trusted sites in the browser settings

Answer: B

A technician is upgrading the graphics card on an SFF PC. Which of the following is MOST important when considering the type of card to be installed?

A. The card’s driver compatibility
B. The GDDR of the card
C. The size of the card
D. The cooling solution on the card

Answer: C

A technician receives the following message at bootup: OS not found. The technician notices a flash drive inserted. Which of the following actions should the technician take FIRST?

A. Reinstall the OS.
B. Remove the USB device.
C. Reformat the hard disk.
D. Modify the boot.ini file.

Answer: B


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