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Your customer signed off on the requirements document and scope statement of your video game project last month. Today she stated she would like to make it an interactive game that can be played on a television and on a computer. This represents a requested scope change that, at a minimum______________

A.    Should be reviewed according to the perform integrated change control process
B.    Results in a change to all project baselines
C.    Requires adjustments to cost, time, quality, and other objectives
D.    Results in a lesson learned

Answer: A
A requested change is an output from the control scope process. Such a change should be handled according to the integrated change control process and may result in an update to the scope baseline or other components of the project management plan.
[Monitoring and Controlling] PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 140

The key inputs to the validate scope process include all the below items EXCEPT______________

A.    The project management plan (scope management plan and scope baseline)
B.    Change requests
C.    Validated deliverables
D.    Requirements traceability matrix

Answer: B
The change requests are not an input of the validate scope process but are an output. The other items are all inputs to help the project manager validate the scope of the project.
[Monitoring and Controlling]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2008, 124-125

Modifications may be needed to the WBS and WBS dictionary because of approved change requests, which shows that______________

A.    Replanning is an output of control scope
B.    Scope creep is common on projects
C.    Rebaselining will be necessary
D.    Variance is relative to the scope baseline

Answer: D
Approved change requests will most likely impact and cause updates to the WBS, WBS dictionary, and project scope statement. In other words, they will cause variance to the scope baseline.
[Monitoring and Controlling]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 139-140

You and your team are documenting requirements on you project to control fatigue as people need to work more hours to keep up with the competition. You decided to set up components for the requirements on your project. Acceptance criteria are an example of______________

A.    Stakeholder requirements
B.    Transition requirements
C.    Project requirements
D.    Business requirements

Answer: C
Various components of requirements documentation can be used. Examples are: business requirements, stakeholder requirements, solution requirements, project requirements, and requirements assumptions, dependencies, and constraints. Project requirements consist of acceptance criteria and levels of service performance, safety, and compliance. [Planning] PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 117-118

Which following item is NOT an input to control scope?

A.    Requirements traceability matrix
B.    Work performance data
C.    Deliverables
D.    Scope management plan

Answer: C
Verified deliverables that are completed and checked for correctness are inputs to validate scope.
[Monitoring and Controlling]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 135, 138-139

You are the project manager for a subcontractor on a major contract. The prime contractor has asked that you manage your work in a detailed manner. Your first step is to______________

A.    Follow the WBS that the prime contractor developed for the project and use the work packages you identified during the proposal
B.    Develop a subproject WBS for the work package that is your company’s responsibility
C.    Establish a similar coding structure to the prime contractor’s to facilitate use of a common project management information system
D.    Develop a WBS dictionary to show specific staff assignments

Answer: B
Work packages are items at the lowest level of the WBS. A subproject is a smaller portion of the original project when a project is subdivided into more manageable components or pieces. A subproject WBS then breaks down work packages into greater detail. A subproject WBS generally is used when the project manager assigns a scope of work to another organization, and the project manager at that organization must plan and manage the scope of work in greater detail.
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 129, 564

The project scope statement is important in scope control because it______________

A.    Is a critical component of the scope baseline
B.    Provides information on project performance
C.    Alerts the project team to issues that may cause problems in the future
D.    Is expected to change throughout the project

Answer: A
The project scope statement, along with the WBS and WBS dictionary, is a key input to scope control. [Monitoring and Controlling]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 138

The product scope description is documented as part of the project’s scope statement. It is important to include it because it______________

A.    Facilitates the project acceptance process
B.    Describes specific constraints associated with the project
C.    Progressively elaborates characteristics
D.    Shows various alternatives considered

Answer: C
The project scope statement describes the deliverables and the work required to create them. It also provides a common understanding of the scope among stakeholders. The product scope statement is a key component as it progressively elaborates the characteristics of the product, service, or result in the project charter and requirements documentation. [Planning] PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 123-124

How is a context diagram used?

A.    To depict product scope
B.    To trace requirements as part of the traceability matrix
C.    To develop the scope management plan
D.    To develop the requirements management plan

Answer: A
It is a tool and technique in collect requirements and is an example of a scope model. The context diagram visually depicts the product scope as it shows a business system (process, equipment, or computer, etc.) and how people and other systems (actors) interact with it. The diagram shows inputs to the business system, the actor(s) providing the input, outputs from the business system, and actor(s) receiving the output. [Planning]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 117

You are establishing a PMO that will have a project management information system that will be an online repository of all program data. You will collect descriptions of all work components for each project under the PMO’s jurisdiction. This information will form an integral part of the______________

A.    Chart of accounts
B.    WBS dictionary
C.    WBS structure template
D.    Earned value management reports

Answer: B
The WBS dictionary typically includes a code of accounts identifier, a statement of work, responsible organization, a list of schedule milestones, associated schedule activities, required resources, cost estimates, quality requirements, acceptance criteria, technical references, and agreement information. [Planning]
PMI®, PMBOK® Guide, 2013, 132

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