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Which Avamar client software would you need to backup Lotus Domino?

A.    Avamar client with database plug-in
B.    Standard Avamar client
C.    Lotus Notes Client
D.    Avamar Object Client

Answer: A

A potential customer is interested in backing up five servers simultaneously. What Networker feature would you position?

A.    Multiplexing
B.    Spanning
C.    Open Tape Format backup
D.    Synthetic backup

Answer: A

A RecoverPoint customer is adding a new pair of replication volumes to an existing Consistency Group. What will happen to that Consistency Group?

A.    A volume sweep will be performed on it.
B.    A full sweep will be performed on it.
C.    A fast initialization will be performed on it.
D.    It will enter marking mode.

Answer: A

A VNX Storage Administrator wishes to make multiple snapshots of multiple LUNs during the course of a day. What will they need to be concerned about?

A.    The number of snapshots being used internally by other replication software
B.    A reserved LUN allowing only one snapshot per source LUN
C.    Reserved LUNs not being larger than the source LUN
D.    The number of snapshots on a source LUN not exceeding four

Answer: A

You are positioning a CLARiiON array to a customer to store their business-critical information. Your customer likes the specifications of the array but tells you that they will need to house a SQL Server 2005 database application on the array. They currently have a service level agreement (SLA) for specific recovery point objectives. The customer would like to use automated replica technology to help them achieve these recovery SLAs. Which product integrates with CLARiiON SnapView and SQL Server 2005 software to achieve these requirements?

A.    Replication Manager
B.    RecoverPoint CRR
C.    Replistor
D.    SAN Copy

Answer: A

A major international company plans to consolidate their current environment into a single storage array. A performance analysis determines that the consolidation will require twenty 200 GB flash drives, three hundred 600 GB SAS drives, and one hundred 3TB NL-SAS drives. What is the minimum solution that would satisfy these requirements?

A.    VNX5700
B.    VNX5500
C.    VNX5300
D.    VNX7500

Answer: A

You are designing a solution for a client that needs protection for a 1TB volume. Expected change rate, during SnapSure session is 40%. What is the initial amount of space that SavVol will occupy?

A.    20GB
B.    1TB
C.    400GB
D.    4GB

Answer: A

What is a consideration before sending any Proven Solutions materials to potential customers?

A.    Document’s confidentiality level
B.    Competitive information in the document
C.    Roadmaps and new developments
D.    EMC patented solutions

Answer: A

A customer would like to create a large pool of “scratch” disks for their development environment. They are considering using high-capacity NL-SAS drives in a RAID 5 configuration on their VNX array. General performance is not an issue. However, the customer does not want to experience long periods of degraded performance in the case of RAID rebuilds. Which feature will help the customer prevent this problem?

A.    Asymmetric Logical Unit Allocation
B.    Proactive Hot Sparing
C.    Quality of Service Manager
D.    Vault Load from Peer

Answer: D

Which VNX platform supports up to four DataMover X-blades and up to 500 drives?

A.    VNX5700
B.    VNX5300
C.    VNX5500
D.    VNX5100

Answer: A

What is the standard used by ProSphere API that enables application developers access to the information managed by ProSphere?

A.    REST
B.    SOAP
C.    HDLC
D.    pNFS

Answer: A

What is the connectivity between X-Blades and Storage Processors in the VNX architecture?

A.    FC
B.    IP
C.    InfiniBand
D.    iSCSI

Answer: A

A customer places a strong emphasis on data protection. The customer needs to take full replicas of production data every hour with 16 hours of available replicas. These replicas must be accessed immediately by a secondary host to test data validity. Which product will handle these operations?

A.    TimeFinder/Clone
B.    TimeFinder/Mirror
C.    TimeFinder/Snap
D.    SRDF/S

Answer: A

In addition to EMC Ionix UIM, what components make up the management layer of the Vblock architecture?

A.    Cisco UCS Manager and VMware vCenter
B.    Cisco UCS Manager and Cisco Nexus 1000v
C.    VCM and Cisco Nexus 1000v
D.    VCM and VMware vCenter

Answer: A

What is the maximum number of drives allowed for a VMAX10K/VMAXe and a VMAX20K/VMAX, respectively?

A.    1080, 2400
B.    360, 2400
C.    120, 1920
D.    480, 1920

Answer: A
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