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What is the significance of classifying applications for data availability requirements?

A.    Identify an application’s non-functional requirements
B.    Identify an application’s functional requirements
C.    Determine application mapping with critical components
D.    Determine business continuity priorities

Answer: D

What is a use for a test report document in the implementation of a business continuity solution?

A.    Provides the test strategies to follow during testing
B.    Displays a list of open or unresolved problems
C.    Assigns roles and responsibilities to perform tests
D.    Establishes the objectives of a test and items to validate

Answer: B

What is an example of a capital cost savings?

A.    Reduced management cost per TB of storage
B.    Increased staff productivity
C.    Improved asset utilization
D.    Enhanced availability

Answer: C

A company wants to replace its physical tape library with a virtual tape library (VTL). To deploy the VTL, the company spends $300,000 for the hardware costs and $60,000 for the implementation charges.
Once the data is migrated from the physical tape library to the VTL, the physical tape library will be decommissioned for a cost of $50,000. The company will gain $60,000 per month due to this VTL implementation.
What is the return on investment (ROI) in one year and the break-even point for the company’s initial investment?

A.    35%; Month 6
B.    35%; Month 7
C.    76%; Month 6
D.    76%; Month 7

Answer: D

A customer’s environment has web servers that need to be backed up. They have limited backup media and require faster recovery. The daily data change rate is at 10 percent. Which backup schedule is recommended to meet the customer requirements?

A.    Daily cumulative and weekly full backup
B.    Daily incremental and weekly full backup
C.    Daily full backup
D.    Daily incremental and weekly consolidated backup

Answer: A

A company performs a full backup on the first Sunday of the month followed by a cumulative backup on all other Sundays. In addition, they perform an incremental backup each day, that is, Monday through Saturday. Tapes are sent offsite for archiving every day at 11 P.M. The company experienced a system crash on the Wednesday of the third week of the month at 2 P. M. This incident required a full system restore.
How many backups need to be retrieved in order to perform a restore?

A.    3
B.    4
C.    5
D.    6

Answer: B
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